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Individual Tour to the Ancient City of Philippi from Kavala

Group Size:
Up to 4 pax.

130 € (the price is for the tour regardless of the number of people).

3 hours (including transfer from / to Kavala).

Dates & Availability:
By advance booking at any time of the year.

Have a Snack:
Possibility to have a snack, drink a cup of aromatic coffee or soft drinks.

Additional service:
Transfer from / to the city of Kavala.

Places You’ll See

Archaeological complex of Philippi

The largest and most majestic antique complex in Northern Greece, founded by King Philip II of Macedon – the father of Alexander the Great! Today it is a real open-air museum where are intertwined different eras – Hellenistic, Roman, Christian, Byzantine, and where excavations are carried out to this day, replenishing European museums with valuable exhibits of world archeology.

Ancient Amphitheater

A partially preserved antique amphitheater, later rebuilt into an arena for gladiatorial battles. The theater is an invaluable cultural heritage of the Eastern Macedonian region. Many of its elements have been preserved today. The restored theater usually hosts ancient theatrical performances that can be seen during the Philippi Summer Festival.

Prison of the Apostle Paul

Remaining ruins which at the beginning of our era served as the walls of the prison of the Apostle Paul who in 49-50. AD visited Philippi and founded the first Christian community in Europe. It was here that the Apostle baptized a woman named Lydia (this was the first baptism of a woman in Europe). The memory of his stay and imprisonment was imprinted deep in the centuries, and the city became a special Christian place of pilgrimage.

Tour Info

Just 15 km from Kavala is located the ancient City of Philippi, one of the most important historical sights of Greece. Here you can see the buildings of the ancient city, the ruins of the Roman city, Christian churches and the central Egnatius road, along the fragments of which you can now repeat the path of the Apostle Paul.

The tour to Philippi with an English speaking guide begins with a visit to the ancient theater, later rebuilt into an arena. Nearby you can see the ruins that at the beginning of our era served as the walls of the prison of the Apostle Paul. There is in the north located an agora (forum) – ancient shopping center with shops, galleries, thermal baths (Greek baths).

At the end of the excursion to Philippi, you can independently visit the Archaeological Museum in Philippi, where are collected many exhibits found during excavations.

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