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Private Tour to the Cave of Alistrati from Kavala

Group Size:
Up to 4 pax.

Starting Point:
Kavala City.

140 € (the price is for the tour regardless of the number of people).

4 hours (including transfer from / to Kavala).

Dates & Availability:
By advance booking at any time of the year.

Along the way are provided photostops in beautiful places.

Places You’ll See

Cave of Alistrati

экскурсия в пещеры АлистратиOne of the largest and most beautiful caves not only in Greece but also in the whole of Europe. A unique and very ancient cave of natural origin, which is more than 3 million years old.

Stalactites, stalagmites, corals, crystals

The cave is famous for almost any form of stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, draperies, curtains and pools as well as cave corals and the rarest aragonite crystals which are very impressive.

Canyon of the River Aggitis

Next to the cave there is another attraction known as the “Stone Strait”, where were found rock paintings depicting various animals and scenes of human activity dating back to the Copper Age.

Places You’ll See

Tour Info

Cave of Alistrati half day tour begins in the centre of Kavala and passes through the picturesque locations of Mount Pangeo towards the city of Seres where are located these unique monuments of natural origin! The Alistrathi Cave tour is guided in groups by a Greek speaking guide only. For 50 minutes the guide will show and tell you about the incredible beauty of the multicolored stalagmites of which the red stalagmites coming from the floor of the cave resemble a flame, and white stalactites on a red background descending from the ceiling for 15 meters. The length of the excursion is 2 km.

After the cave awaits us an incredible spectacle – a huge canyon at the bottom of which flows the river. You can go down to the river and walk along the canyon where you will see a stunning view of the mountainous terrain of Greece, as well as visit not large caves through which bats fly into the Cave of Alistrati.

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