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Meteora Monasteries

Meteora Monasteries (Μονές Μετεώρων) - the largest monastery complex located on the top of the rocks is considered the most significant center of Orthodoxy and icon painting on the planet after the Holy Mount Athos. Meteora Monasteries (Greek Μονές Μετεώρων) - the largest monastery complex located on the tops of the rocks, is considered the [...]
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The Halkidiki Peninsula reminiscent of the trident of Poseidon is located south of Thessaloniki and consists of three small peninsulas - unique and inherently paradise places in the World! KassandraSithoniaAthosKassandra Kassandra is the very first “finger” of the peninsula, closest to Thessaloniki and has the most developed tourist infrastructure, due to its proximity to Thessaloniki [...]
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Окрестности города Кавала

Kavala Region

Kavala is a very beautiful city located on the shores of the Aegean Sea - from which stretches out a beautiful many kilometers long promenade with small coastal towns with amazing beaches and well-established infrastructure becoming favorite places for travelers from all over the World! Nea IraklitsaNea PeramosNea Iraklitsa Just 13 km. from the city [...]
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Thassos Kavala

Thassos Island

Thassos is rightly called the Pearl of the Aegean Sea and is adored by those travelers who love to study antiquities, amazing beauty of nature and enjoy a quiet beach holiday. Only 18 nautical miles from Kavala located Thassos island with a rich history, amazing beauty in nature and radiant sea. Due to its beauty [...]
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Неа Перамос | Nea Peramos

Nea Peramos

Nea Peramos (Νέα Πέραμος) is a tourist suburb of Kavala, where life does not stop for a second. There is one of the most beautiful beaches stretching across the center of the village where are many shops and the best fish and meat taverns! Nea Peramos has an excellent infrastructure with a wide selection of [...]
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Nea Iraklitsa Kavala

Nea Iraklitsa

Nea Iraklitsa (Νέα Ηρακλείτσα) is an amazing suburb of Kavala, one of the most picturesque sea resorts with a 2-kilometer sandy beach with numerous cafes and bars. Nea Iraklitsa the coast of which is considered one of the best and most comfortable beaches of Kavala where you can engage in a variety of water sports, [...]
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