Submarine Cruise along the Kavala Coast

Port of Kavala, Kavala, Greece


Незабываемы впечатления произведут на Вас морские обитатели подводных скал с полуподводной лодки "NEMO", которая погрузит вас под воду у побережья Кавалы!


Description of the Submarine:

The submarine has a capacity of 12 seats and is divided into a lower saloon under water and the upper deck.

Duration and Frequency:

The cruise lasts 45 minutes and is held every hour from 10:30 to 18:00 on weekends and from 17:30 to 21:15 on weekdays.

Cruise Routes:

Route 1 – Panagia: along the east coast of Kavala.
Route 2 – Malepa Island: along the west coast of Kavala.


12 € per person (for children under 4 years old - free of charge).

Family Packages:

There are discounts for families from 3 people.

Private Cruise:

The ability to rent a submarine for yourself and your loved ones for 45 minutes (morning and evening) or for 1 hour 30 minutes (only in the morning).

What You will See:

The underwater world of the Panagia Peninsula

The underwater rocky part of the island of Malepa with a rich marine life.

Panoramic view of Kavala from the deck of the boat on the way back.


The NEMO submarine can follow one of the following routes (the route is selected by the captain):

Route 1 – Panagia: Starting from the port of Kavala after our exit we head to “Panagia”, where we have the opportunity to see the impressive rocks beneath the sea surface and the marine life of the area. Anyone who wishes can enjoy the breathtaking view of the traditional settlement from the deck.

Route 2 – Malepa Island: Departing from Kavala port we cross the jetty with the red lighthouse and head west towards Malepa Island, observing along the route the interesting bottom of the fish area of Kavala and the rocky part of “Malia”.

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Cruise Type : Daily Departure
Start Time : hourly
Duration : 45 минут
Maximum number of people : 12
Departure Port : The central port of Kavala
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